Ladder Grab

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Here’s how to use your Ballantyne Safety Ladder Grab

  1. Ensure your ladder is at least 1 meter past the supported height; ensure your ladder is at 4:1 slope, follow all ladder-related regulations, now fit the LADDER GRAB.
  2. Remove and reuse a minimum of 2 screws and fit the Ballantyne Tether Plate to a batten or purlins, fit a Karabiner through the centre hole of the Tether Plate and fit the adjustable strap through the
    Karabiner and over and around the nearest step tread then pull tight.
  3. When works is complete remove the strap and Tether Plate and replace screws.


The Ballantyne Safety Ladder Grab device comes with a snatch fastener and karabiner.

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      October 8, 2020 at 7:25 am

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