Ballantyne Safety T-Bar

Immediately before using this anchor each time it must be inspected by a competent person to ensure that it is in a perfect, serviceable condition and operates correctly. The anchor must be inspected for any worn or damaged parts, any signs of deterioration, any sharp edges, burrs, cracks or corrosion or any signs of being deformed (such as a shock loading, being dropped from a height or run over by a vehicle). The securing eye must not damaged or distorted in any way.


Please note T-Bar roof anchors can only be purchased from a reseller we do not deliver to the end-user!

The Ballantyne Roof Anchors provide a safe secure anchorage point for metal roofing tasks. The Ballantyne T-Bar roof anchor used in conjunction with ropes and harnesses allows the end-user to perform tasks on metal roof situations with both fall arrest and travel restraint.

The T-Bar can be used for those small to medium roof jobs -instead of costly scaffold or edge protection.


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Ballantyne Roof Anchor System

The new Ballantyne T Bar provides a safe and sure anchorage point for maintenance, building and roofing tasks.

Using a safety line and harness you can connect quickly and easily to the Ballantyne T Bar and work from the opposite of the roof with complete fall protection.


Download a PDF installation guideĀ for the Ballantyne T-Bar.

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