The Tether Plate – The Claw 280

This tether plate is designed and tested to 15kN and is therefore rated as a single person fall arrest tether plate under AS/NZS 1891.4. While this tether plate has been designed to attain a fall arrest rating, this device should always be used with a travel restraint technique.


The Tether Plate is Travel Restraint and Fall Arrest device on metal clad roofs.

It can be used as a standalone diversionary roof anchor or it can be used in conjunction with the T Bar roof anchor. This device gives the operator the advantage of a 360° working area on the roof surface with continuous Travel Restraint protection.

The tether plate is a diversionary anchor point used for travel restraint application. It can be used on metal clad roofs fixing directly to the metal surface with a minimum of four ASNZ1891.4 recommended roof screws.

The device should only be used by those who have completed a roof safety training course that is RTO accredited. A full understanding of the ACT, REGULATIONS AND ADVISORY STANDARDS is essential.

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Product features

  • Provides safe 360° work area
  • For use on metal or tile roofs
  • 280mm size all purpose metal roofs
  • 500mm used for Trimdeck

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